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Moran Labels Obama Critics as Racist, Promotes Forced Wealth Redistribution

During an interview with Alhurra, a US-based Arabic-language satellite TV channel, Jim Moran smeared conservatives and TEA Party activists following the first State of the Union Address after the 2012 midterm elections in January, 2010.

Around the 3:00 mark, the reporter asks Moran how the Democratic Party can recover after losing the majority in the House.

Transcript (emphasis added):

“Yeah, I think we’re going to do better. It happened because of the same reason the Civil War happened because the southern states, particularly the slave holding states, don’t want to see a president who is opposed to slavery. A lot of people in this country, I believe, don’t want to be governed by an African-American…particularly one who is inclusive; who is liberal; one who wants to spend money on everyone and one who wants to reach out and include everyone in society. That’s a basic philosophical path.”

Moran continues on the legitimacy of Republican criticism of President Obama and pitches forced wealth redistribution (4:05):

“It’s legitimate because it’s part of human nature. But I do think that a lot of it is based upon un-easiness with who Barack Obama is as President of the United States – the fact that much of the opposition comes from a selfish and closed-minded perspective. Barack Obama is going to include more Americans in the middle class, and you do that by spreading some of the wealth seeing they have a full educational and employment opportunities so that their children can realize their own potential.”