Jim Moran to Help Lead Obama’s “Truth Team” in Virginia

What happens when your governing record is so appalling that you need an organized group of apologists and spinners in each battleground state? Obama/Biden 2012 launched three new programs this week in an effort to rewrite history for the last three years. Big surprise, Moran is a ranking leader for the “Truth Team” in Virginia. If that’s not a concept straight out of Orwell, we do not know what is.

According to The Washington Post:

“Members of the team, which includes several prominent Virginia elected Democrats, can be expected to appear regularly in the media as November approaches, especially since the state is viewed as a key battleground by both parties.”

Why are these spinners needed? Jim’s younger brother Brian claims:

“The election is still nine months away, but the Republicans and their special interest allies have already launched unfounded, dishonest attacks to try to smear the President’s record.”

But wait, didn’t President Obama recently agree to allow White House and campaign staff to coordinate with his pet super PAC, Priorities USA Action? According to POLITICO:

“Obama’s top campaign staff and even some Cabinet members will appear at super PAC events. The president himself will not address super PAC donors, although there’s nothing to legally prohibit the president, first lady Michelle Obama and Vice President Joe Biden from expressing their support for the group — as GOP presidential front-runner Mitt Romney has done for the super PAC that backs him.”

The Democratic Party is already showing signs of desperation when Jim Moran is being called in to bring the faithful back into the fold. The full list of the Virginia Truth Team has been made available thanks to the Post:

Rep. Gerry Connolly, VA-11

Rep. Bobby Scott, VA-3

Rep. Jim Moran, VA-8

Richmond Mayor Dwight C. Jones

Don McEachin, Democratic Caucus Leader, State Senate

David Toscano, Minority Leader, Virginia House of Delegates

State Senator Mamie Locke, VA-2

State Senator John Edwards, VA-21

State Senator Louise Lucas, VA-18

State Senator Adam Ebbin, VA-30

Delegate Scott Surovell, VA-44

Delegate Charniele Herring, VA-46

Delegate Jennifer McClellan, VA-71

Delegate Mark Keam, VA-35

Gaylene Kanoyton, First Vice-Chair of DPVA, Hampton Democratic Committee Chair

Fred Hudson, Second Vice-Chair of DPVA, 5th District Chair

Cesar del Aguila, Fairfax County Democratic Committee Chair

Steve Cochran, Montgomery County Democratic Committee Chair

Former State Senator Mary Margaret Whipple

Paula Miller, Former State Delegate

Speak FACTS  to “truth.” Join the fight today.


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