Moran Votes for the Insider Trading Bill

YEA – S. 2038 — House vote on passage for STOCK Act.

According to his office:

“The reforms put in place by the STOCK Act have real staying power to make our ethics rules stronger, improve transparency and help instill greater confidence in elected officials.”

But wait, didn’t he get caught using that confidential information for his own financial protection in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis? According to Slate:

“September 17, 2008, was by far [Rep. Jim] Moran’s most active trading day of the year,’ writes Schweitzer. ‘He dumped shares in Goldman Sachs, General Dynamics, Franklin Resources, Flowserve Corporation, Ecolabs, Edison International, Electronic Arts, DirecTV, Conoco, Procter & Gamble, AT&T, Apple, CVS, Cisco, Chubb, and a dozen more companies.’ Schweitzer actually counts ninety companies that Moran dumped, helping him avoid big losses’.”

Keep these facts in the news, join the fight.


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